Design News From UK :Interbrand redesigns Churchill's wine packaging .

Design News From UK :Interbrand redesigns Churchill's wine packaging .

Global branding agency Interbrand has redesigned the packaging for Churchill's wines and ports.

Interbrand's London office created stark black-and-white labels inspired by aerial photos of the Duoro valley in Portugal, where the wines are produced.
The labels, which were printed by Vox in Portugal, use debossing and the logo is embossed with a black gloss finish to give the bottles tactile appeal and a sophisticated and elegant look.
Creative director Daniela Nunzi-Mihranian explained that before the redesign the wines looked quite generic. "We wanted a real identity for the range, something distinctive and ownable," she said.

Interbrand was initially appointed to redesign just Churchill's wine packaging, but it was extended to include the port.
Nunzi-Mihranian added that the packaging was designed to reflect the wines core values of "purity, passion and patience. The strong contrasts on the packaging give it real passion and it leaps off the shelf."
The new designs hit stores at the start of the month.
Interbrand is now working on a website for Churchill's wines.

cited from Catherine Dawes, packagingnews.co.uk

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